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Movie . October 29, 2007

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The last movie I saw was Die Hard 4.0. Bruce Willis, Justin Long , Maggie Q & Timothi Olyphant played in it. It’s an action movie made in USA. This is the fourth movie in the Die Hard series. The movie take’s place 19 year’s after the first movie. The story centers on an attack on the U.s.’ computer infrastructure that begins to shut the country down. I like this movie because it is action from the start to the end.


Photo October 25, 2007

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Last year we went on a schooltrip to Varhaugen. I went with Thea & Elisabet. We started before the schoolbus came. The teatcher was angry because of that. When we started it was fog, but on the top it was sunny weather. The bus came late, and not all had time to go to the top. It was a nice trip on the mountain.



Nirvana . October 23, 2007

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Nirvana – Smell like teen spirit

This is my favorite song from the band Nirvana . This band has ment a lot to me , because the song text contine’s serious matters. I allways listen to this music when i’m doning my homework. The vocalist of Nirvana was an american musician called Kurt Cobain. He was born in february 1967. He was married to Courtney Love. He had a daugther born in 1992. He wrote many songs about his wife and daugther. In april 1994 was Kurt Cobain found dead in his garage, hi was shot in the head. The police are not sure about if he killed him self or was shot by someone else. Kurt Cobian has ment a lot for a hole generation.


Erna Solberg .

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Day 1 .

Erna Solberg is a politician in the Norwegian goverment. She is no visting Uganda with the delegation from Plan Norway. The car she was a pasenger in drow on the wrong side of the road and crashed with an other car. It was the safetybelt that seved Erna from serious injury. It took one hour before the ambulance  came. Erna helped other hurt people whild waiting. Erna was not serious hurt, she had a cut on her arm and had to sew three stitches.