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Hi:] November 5, 2007

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Hi :]

I could not do my homework on friday, because I had to visit my dentist.

I liked this movie because it gave me a lot of information of what is happening on the earth. Everyday i can read about global warming in the newspaper and see a cut on the news. But this movie gave me the hole picture in 7 minutes.
CO2 is the most important gas that create global warming. And in Norway it comes from stuff like cars, industri, oilindustri & travel by plane that give most pollution of all transport. The people in Norway have to stop
much of the discharge of CO2. To do this we have to use less of fossil fuel. We can isolate our house better, use colletive transport instead of the car and we can use windmill, solarpanels and water powerstaion to make electrisity.
In contryes like USA & China they have much more sun
than us. And can us solarpanels more than us. Motor vehicles are responsible for about a third of the carbon dioxide emissions in the USA. They can use hybride vehicles that is cars that combine an internal combustion engine and a bettery-powered electric motor.
I think global warming is true. It is the most serious problem we face in the 21st century.



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